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Tutorial Misi [Newbie Masuk] (Event related)
Posted 7 years ago by

Lagi males bikin intro gan, langsung aje ye :v
Ini tutorial misi 1-35, pakenya bahasa inggris
Lanjutannya 36-64 di sini

Mission 1: Visit Your Profile Page
Rewards: 1 XP

Klik foto profil di bagian kanan atas -> Klik nick kita

Mission 2: Train for the first time
Rewards: 1 XP , 1x Weapon Q3

Klik tombol train (gambarnya target point) yang ada di bagian panel kiri -> train

Klik My Places -> Train

Mission 3: Find a Job
Rewards: 1 XP

Klik Market -> Job Market -> pilih tempat kerja dengan gaji tertinggi lalu apply

Mission 4: Work for the first time
Rewards: 1 XP , 1x Weapon Q3

Klik tombol work (gambarnya orang) yang ada di bagian panel kiri -> work

Klik My Places -> Work

Mission 5: Deal at least 5 hits in Practice Battle today
Rewards: 5x Food Q1 , 5x Gift Q1

Klik tombol fight (gambarnya meriam) yang ada di bagian panel kiri -> pilih practice battle (gambar catur) -> hit, bisa tekan fight lima kali atau langsung berserk satu kali saja. Sidenya terserah

Mission 6: Get some energy
Rewards: 3 XP , 5x Weapon Q1

Di bagian panel kiri, ada Consume Items, klik show -> Pilih kualitas food/gift -> Eat food/gift

Mission 7: Deal at least 1 berserk hit in Practice Battle today
Rewards: 3 XP , HP Restoration

Sama seperti misi no. 5, tapi kali ini harus berserk

Mission 8: Upload an Avatar
Rewards: 2 XP , 1x Ticket Q3

Klik gambar profil agan (gambar orang abu-abu) di bagian atas sbelah kanan sbelahnya tombol misi -> Klik nick -> Edit profile -> Browse, pilih foto yang ingin diunggah (ingat maksimal size gambarnya 200kb) -> Submit Query

Mission 9: Check your notification Page
Rewards: 1 XP , 3x Food Q3

Klik tombol notification (gambarnya tanda seru bentuk segitiga) di bagian atas kanan -> Klik All Notifications

Klik sini

Mission 10: Look at the game map
Rewards: 2 XP , 3 CC

Klik Country -> Map

Klik sini

Mission 11: Buy Something
Rewards: 3 CC , 1x Ticket Q3

Klik market -> Product market -> beli apa aja (yang paling murah aja gan, 1 biji)

Mission 12: Travel to Capital
Rewards: 2 XP , 1x Ticket Q3

Klik shortcut travel (gambar pesawat) di panel kiri -> pilih country: Indonesia, Region: Java, Ticket Quality: bebas (yang penting punya) -> Travel

Mission 13: Get new Achievement today
Rewards: 10 XP , 1Gold
, 1x Random Equipment Q1

Klik shortcut Achievements (gambar piala) di panel kiri -> Klik Recalculate Achievement

Mission 14: Have something equipped
Rewards: 2 XP , 3 CC

Klik My Places -> Equipments -> Pilih equipment, lalu klik Equip

Mission 15: Vote at least 1 Article today
Rewards: 5 XP , 3 CC

Klik suatu artikel -> tekan tombol vote di bagian atas artikel (sekalian subscribe aja)

Mission 16: Second day of work
Rewards: 2 XP , 2x Food Q4

Seperti misi no. 4

Mission 17: Say hello
Rewards : 6 XP

Klik write a new shout -> ucapkan salam -> Shout!

Mission 18 : Get gold
Rewards: 2 XP , 1 Gold

Beli gold. Klik Market -> Monetary Market -> Swap Currencies Gold-IDR -> Buy 0.5 -> OK

Mission 19 : Win equipment on auction
Rewards : 2 XP , 1Gold

Klik Market -> Auctions -> pilih Type of auctions: Equipment, -> pilih equip, bid lah dengan harga lebih tinggi agar menang -> Tunggu bid hingga berakhir. (Harus menang)

Mission 20: Put equipment on auction
Rewards : 2 XP , 1x Random equipment Q1 , 100 Grain

Klik My Places -> Auctions -> Create Auction

Mission 21 : Sell 100 grain
Rewards : 5 XP , 1x Weapon Q5 , 2x Food Q5

Klik Market -> Product Market -> Show my offers/Post new offers -> pilih Country: Indonesia, Product: Grain, Quantity: 100, Price: bebas -> Post my offer

Mission 22 : Reach rank Staff Sergeant
Rewards : 2 XP , 5 CC

Ikuti cara misi no. 5 -> Fight sampai pangkat (rank) mencapai Staff Sergeant (Total Damage 10.000+)

Mission 23 : Buy 50 Q1 weapons
Rewards : 3 XP , 10 CC

Klik market -> product market -> show offers, pilih Weap. (gambar pistol), Quality: Q1 -> Show offer -> beli 50 -> Buy

Mission 24 : Reach rank Sergeant first class
Rewards : HP restoration

Sama sperti misi no. 22, cuma skrg harus nyampe 30rb

Mission 25: Work for the third time
Rewards : 3 XP , 2x Gift Q4

Sama sperti misi no. 4

Mission 26: Third day training
Rewards : 3 XP , 2x Food Q4

Sama sperti misi no. 2

Mission 27: Vote 5 articles
Rewards : 5 XP

Sama sperti misi no. 15

Mission 28: Admin news
Rewards : 5 XP, 5 CC

Search "admin news" -> Buka profil admin news -> Klik korannya -> Klik Subscribe

Mission 29: Send application to MU
Rewards : 5 XP , 5x Weapon Q1

Klik Statistics -> Millitary Unit stats -> Pilih Statistics Type: Total Damage, Country: Indonesia -> Pilih salah satu MU -> Klik recruitment -> Daftar

Mission 30: Third day of fighting
Rewards : 10 XP

Sama sperti misi no. 5, skrg harus 30 hit (30x Fight atau 6x Berserk)

Mission 31: Master Sergeant
Rewards : 5 XP , HP restoration

Sama sperti misi no. 22, skrg total damage harus 60rb

Mission 32: Buy Second piece of equipment
Rewards : 5 XP , 2x Ticket Q3

Sama sperti misi no. 19

Mission 33: Deal 5 berserk
Rewards : 5 XP , HP restoration

Sama sperti misi no. 5, harus 5 berserk

Mission 34: Work and Train for four days
Rewards: 10 XP , 2x Gift Q4

Sama sperti misi no. 2 dan no. 4

Mission 35: Get to know the community better
Rewards: 5 XP , 2x Gift Q4

Sama sperti misi no. 17, cuma skrg harus nanya dimana tempat chat selain fitur chat di dalam game ini (IRC )

Hargai jerih payah ketik tangan saya gan !! dengan cara Vote dan Subscribe =))

16/06/2015, copyright Montblanc

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