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My president candidature and look-back at last month (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by

Hello everyone, I am participating in the president elections again this month,
last month you got to know me better, and I thought it would be a good idea to show you guys
what we have done, and we have done much things, we have had two wars, one with Lithuania
and one with Spain, which we both won.
I'll give you some screenshots of the most important battles:

At first we were loosing against Lith, this was one of our bigger resistance against them.

Then we started to turn the tides, and with the help from my mu from the Netherlands we gained our lands back.

When we reconquered all of our regions, Lithuania couldn't attack us anymore, since they initiated the war during sailor week, which had ended. There is no official NAP between our countries, but we can't attack each other in the foreseeable future.

But then Spain thought we would be an easy target to get a free bridge to south and middle America. Not so.

Us and our friends fought hard in the first battle, and presented Spain a nice surprise by winning greatly.

After that, even though we fought bravely we lost against Spain. We have been trying to make a nap for a few days, but that did not result in anything.

After things got heated up between us, Spain and the Netherlands, my mu decided to go fully support Western Sahara against spain. This battle was key for creating the NAP between us and spain: NAP . This NAP gave spain the two regions they needed for their bridge to South America and we would get 40g for every month they kept the region.

After all these wars I think we could use some rest for some time, ofcourse I cannot see in the future, but if it was to me we could use next month to regain strength and help our allies.
If you want to apply for my government just send me a message, all help is welcome.
For now RazorGun and I will run our beloved country and protect it where needed.

your president zef600

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