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Hello dear readers!

What is Military Unit to you? Is it just some place to be for damage and supplies? Or maybe it is something more to you? Maybe a brotherhood? A place that gathers all the people you enjoy to play this game with at one place and for the same purpose? I would say that for those who play this game with passion their Military Unit is their home, their brother and sisterhood. And when we have some place like that we tend to share. For that reason you have options like Donate companies to MU, to donate money and products to your MU, but why there is no option to donate equipment?

And this question brings us to the next idea of mine - EQUIPMENT STORAGE!!!

The same as my previous idea this one is also really simple so let me explain how do I imagine it to be added into the game. Yesterday some of my military unit members from other server decided to stop playing the game and as usually it happens when someone stops playing, they donated all their money and items to the unit, but unfortunately with equipment you are not able to do that so I thought - why not add a new option to donate equipment to MU as well:

Exactly the same process that we use to donate equipment to another player, nothing wow, nothing supernatural, just another button besides the company, product and money donation buttons.

That would give us a new option into the Military Unit menu:

I believe that we should have seperate storage for products and equipment because the donation system would be a bit different from how it is with products. This is how the storage would look:

Something similar to how it looks in the character equipment page but without the split, merge, auction and equip options as we would not need those. So as I already mentioned then the donation system would be bit different from how it is on the product page. In order to donate the equipment to a member, the sender would have to choose the right equipment, based on the name and the equipment serial-code and the member that the equipment will be sent:

Easy as that and overall the Military Unit Equipment Storage page would look like this:

Oh and one more thing, this is up for discussion as the rest but there could be either a new option into the privileges pages that would grant an access to the MU Equipment Storage donate options:

Or this option could be granted under the same Storage Manager section as it is at the moment for products and money.

I think that this should definitely be as an option for Military Units because a lot of times someone has a lot of equipment that he could share while others don't have them but are in need. This would allow units to be stronger and connected between each other.

P.S I know that in the MU options screenshot I have not included all the options available to the unit leader because I just dont have those options.

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Best Regards,
Mr Bohannan

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