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Dictionary of abbreciations in e-Sim (Fun)
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PTO — Political takeover — actions when a group/group of people gain enough citizenships in a targeted nation to gain control over its political offices
CS — Citizenship — is required to have political privileges like: voting, running for congress etc
CP — Country President — elected on the 5th of every month
PL — Party Leader — elected on the 15th of every month
CM — Congress Member — elected on the 25th of every month
MoD — Ministry/Minister of Defense
MoFA — Ministry/Minister of Forreign Affairs
MoF — Ministry/Minister of Finance
MoE — Ministry/Minister of Economics


MU — Military Unit
DS — Defense System
DoW — Declaration of War — when a country declares war to another country
MPP — Mutual Protection Pact — military alliance between two countries
BH— Battle Hero — medal for dealing the highest damage in a battle
SS — screenshot/ Super Soldier — medal for every 30 trainings
DMG — Damage — the number added to walls in a battle
Tank — Strong players who fight with Q5 quality weapons
RW — Resistance War — war to liberate a region from occupant country
WW — World War — an event where all countries fight eachother in teams
NAP — Non-agression pact
CW — Civil War
T# — time in minutes left until the end of a round (T1, T2, T3...)


ES — Economic skill
SC — Stock Company
MM — Monetary Market — a market where players exchange Gold and national currencies
Gold or G — often mistaken for currency, a commodity required for a wide variety of actions in e-Sim, including creating and upgrading companies, initiating resistance wars, upgrading equipment, etc
LC — Local Currency
Q — Quality of products, from 1 (worst) to 5 (best) and 6 (only equipment)


Vote [ V ] — abbreviation for "vote"
Sub [ S ] — abbreviation for "subscribe"
V + S — combination of vote and subscription
Pertamax — citizens use this word when competing to make the first comment at any post or article
PM — private message
o/ or o7 — Salute


DC — Day Change
multi — Multiple Account(s)
WTF — What The F***
Two-clicking — playing with minimum interaction with the game (usually only using the work and train features)
BB — Babyboom (large number of new registered players)
RL — Real Life
TS — TeamSpeak
GO — Game Operator

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