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(MU) Looney Tunes Army is recruiting (Military)
Posted 6 years ago by

Hi Suna!

Today i'll talk you about the best MU in Suna: Looney Tunes Army (what a serious name ). Created by the very serious Yin Yang on day 2, we are a mercenary MU.This article will be divided into 2 parts:
1- Hire us

2- Join us

Have a nice reading

1- Hire us

Hired for the first time by Gabon in battle of Woleu-Ntem , we have shown our skill to everybody:

Just look by yourself:

We were decisive in this battle and we are the best defending MU:

So if you want to hire us and to buy our damages:

- Contact Yin Yang in Private Message
- If he's online, contact him in IRC (/query vivek)
- Join our own IRC channel: #lt (it's not a i but a L xd)

We'll be happy to fight for you and to help you and your country

2- Join us

You can be happy because you are not dreaming: We are recruiting!
But be careful, we are already 36, so there are 14 slots left. Only 14 lucky fighters will be able to join us...
We are giving free supplies when we are hired (actually Q4 foods & Q1 weapons & Q1 ticket, soon we'll upgrade our company in Q5 food so we'll give Q5 foods!).
We are also a normal MU so you'll fight with a 10% bonus but we want to upgrade in Veteran, so if you want to join you'll have to pay 20 Golds, or 10 Golds now and 10 Golds as soon as possible when we'll upgrade.

With this price you'll be able to wear our beautiful and customized avatar:

Don't worry, you'll be able to choose your own Looney Tunes character

So don't wait anymore and join us now! You'll enjoy to become a Looney Tunes Fighter.

Make War not Love

It's time for me to close this article, but before saying goodbye i will ask you to click on Sub & Vote to receive all our news about Looney Tunes Army, Springfield Corp & Co (the SC that will open soon), and also see some interviews and others very interesting articles i'll publish soon!

Thanks for reading and have a nice time on e-sim


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