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[center][b]Current govermnet:
CP: twezday77
MoD: Azriel Black
MoE: Xyxaan

Monetary market:
= 0.0666 Gold

1 Gold
= 15.015 USD

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Military unit USMC
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All native sons of the United States, ATTENTION!. Foreign multis have invaded our nation and are preparing to overthrowing our government. If this happens, the United States will be nothing but a puppet, and our people will suffer. This is a call to action; all else must be put aside as we prepare to defend our independence from within.
USA Org posted 3 days ago

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
USA Org posted 11 days ago

Ay there's gonna be an update article out this weekend, keep an eye on the news.
USA Org posted 13 days ago

Your hometown Crystal Gems battled to a 4th place finish in this weekend's MU Cup. Props to Azriel Black for achieving the rank of Deus Fabuloso!
USA Org posted 22 days ago

Looking to buy supplies but can't find them on the market? Buy from USA Org directly! Contact twezday77 or Xyxaan on Discord or in game to make a purchase.
USA Org posted 27 days ago

Are Czar Ben II and DUCHMAN1 the same?

You be the judge:
Czar Ben II
USA Org posted 28 days ago

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