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Current govermnet:
CP: Deznian Warrior


(US citizens only)
Q5 Ticket 0.52 Gold

Q1 Ticket 0.1 Gold

Q3 Gift 0.16 Gold

Monetary market:
= 0.1 Gold

1 Gold
= 11.50 USD

Suna USA Discord Server
USMC IRC channel: #USMC
US IRC channel: #Suna.USA

Higher salaries shall be given to citizens with ECO items! Send a PM to us to inform us!

Other information:
US Govt awards and decorations
Military unit USMC
Active debts
  • 251.0 Gold
    (payback time 1558 game day )
  • 50.0 Gold
    (payback time 1558 game day )
  • 201.0 Gold
    (payback time 1558 game day )
Friends (9097)
Top achievements
Total achievements: 33 of 201See all achievements
Citizens of the United States,

Please join us on Discord . We will be preparing for war in the next few days, and coordination will be done in the discord strike channel.

Additionally if you're having trouble with the commune please send a PM to this org and we will work on resolving it.

~ Deznian Warrior
Office of the President
USA Org posted 4 days ago

We are looking for workers and pay weekly salaries in gold! PM for more info!
USA Org posted 21 days ago

Battle order: Kamchatka BL: Alaska
USA Org posted 24 days ago

Battle orders:
Prior 1: Alaska
USA Org posted 26 days ago

Battle priors:
Prior 1: Alaska , BL
Prior 2: Kono , BL

BL - Battle Location
USA Org posted 28 days ago

All military coordination is being done in discord . Join if you want to help and get in touch with the community!
USA Org posted 1 month ago

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