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If you don't have a job working for USA Org then come get one! We need more employees! Mail twezday77 with your ES to score yourself a custom-made job offer.
USA Org posted 9 days ago

I am happy to announce that USA Org is safely back in American hands. Thank you to all who contributed to this civil war.

I would like to thank all those who participated in my brilliant plan wink wink to put the healthy forces of American politics in a position to revoke GodBlessAmerica and his conspirators. May their presence never grace our shores again.
USA Org posted 10 days ago

As previously stated, this deal with Canada was organized in good faith and has contributed to the growing wealth of the United States. This deal will continue to be recognized by the true citizens of the United States. This fraudulent government is recognized as such by both the United States and Canada.

The United States will not be controlled by the results of illegitimate elections. The use of multi-accounts is forbidden by the game and all efforts will be made to reverse this travesty.
USA Org posted 13 days ago

More battles!

USA Org posted 13 days ago

Canada is at war with Guatemala!

You're invited to hit for our friends here .
USA Org posted 15 days ago

We're getting paid to drink maple syrup idk what u think is wrong with that.
USA Org posted 18 days ago

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