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We could not contain our Economy.
and our currency has Collapsed.
Georgia Economy Org
Georgia Org posted 2 days ago

Today a New Alliance has been created -'' ARYAN - Union ''. This is an Union of 4 Countries that will cooperate with the Military Economic and Political Relations.
'' ARYAN - Union '' .
1. ARMENIA 2. IRAN 3. KILIKIA ( Georgia) 4. ERITREA .
Georgia Org posted 7 days ago

Today` in the Cathedral of St. Sophia of Constantinople [Sancta Sophia]. two fraternal Christian Nations, Armenians and Bulgarians signed an agreement on a Strategic Security Pact.
BULGARIA & ARMENIA & KILIKIA signed a Strategic Security Pact. .
This Bulgaria -Armenian-Kilikian Strategic Security Pact treaty is signed forever , since our friendship is forever.
Georgia Org posted 21 days ago

Today 3 Friendly neighboring countries signed an agreement Strategic Security Pact.
ARMENIA & KILIKIA & IRAN signed a Strategic Security Pact. days 1865 -1965
ARMENIA & IRAN & Armenian Kingdom of KILIKIA.
Georgia Org posted 23 days ago

We are signing a new agreement NAP, that complements the previously signed agreement.
EGYPT + TURKEY & ARMENIA+Armenian Kingdom of KILIKIA (Georgia) Official Nap.1844 -1934 day .
This is an important statement for the residents of Armenia and the Armenian Kingdom of KILIKIA (Georgia), as well as for Turkey and Egypt.
ARMENIA+Armenian Kingdom of KILIKIA
Georgia Org posted 1 month ago

Armenian Kingdom of KILIKIA is Congratulating`
VAN kingdom `For his Birthday and for becoming "Deus Fabuloso" and is being the strongest Armenian player in the World.
Georgia Org posted 1 month ago

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