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NOS vs VM with some pics (Political)
Posted 7 days ago by
Blood Eagle    

Hello, i won't write too many things, i'll just share screenshots of some shouts. Hope you enjoy

Yes, we were insulting to you at everywhere and war started because of us, you all are angels.


#4 is good too, don't be sad

6+(-2) = 4

Ağlama Yar

Finland 3< Turkey

Bonus by request

ps: i know i have terrible photoshop skills, sorry about that xd

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Comments (40)
14-10-2018 8:27:47
(4 days ago)

@Tinkof keep lying urself that is all leteci fault ...u start looking more pathetic than u are.
I told u before war that dont push me return in Croatia, now all complainings about someone carry Croatia is more than funny from your side, u was warned.
And u are still too butthurted to accept fact that u lost war and most of your political influence so feel free to keep war on and made ur followers lose all that they have cause of your ego trip.

13-10-2018 16:00:55
(5 days ago)

Feel free to ask your elders for right facts bcs clearly you got wrong ones or lies xD

13-10-2018 15:51:09
(5 days ago)

Mike Ross sorry but you are mistaken. There were not rummours but statements of fact. Because when LT signed NAP with PL there was an opportunity to sign NAP between NOS and VM.
But VM declined such NAP as it was planning to attack after server merge.

13-10-2018 15:41:36
(5 days ago)

Blood Eagle none cries about anything. Situation is that Croatia is getting heavily carried by CAD and Vegito crew. If anything is wrong in that statement, check the battles.

But as i said, its war. And its time to turn things back to old suna where wars lasted for years, not only fight and NAP moment

13-10-2018 15:35:02
(5 days ago)

Ritmas roumors about of that attack is bs made by Drima and letecimedo, hate for eachother. Paranoya about that war created this war now.

Thing which trigger all this is letecimedo attitude and insulting all of VM because he thought we stand behind that plans to attack which was bs. So get facts before, claiming something like that.

Now it doesn't matter since war made progress and it wont end any time soon so yeah.

13-10-2018 15:24:44
(5 days ago)

Sure mich939 still u guys didnt fixed ego thing XD but we still waiting

13-10-2018 13:53:32
(5 days ago)

don't worry, it is not ended yet

13-10-2018 0:59:20
(5 days ago)

And why it ends like this now ? Because to many people have Problems with their Ego.

12-10-2018 23:43:14
(5 days ago)

felis if u check dows it wasnt 1 vs 1 it was 3 dows at cro at same time XD and was fairly said 2 vs from begining so dunno about what we speak here... but they deserved respect for sure cause I can say that i really enjoy this war beside trashtalk and all rest bad what come with it.
About CAD matter we didnt abandoned India cause we needed here to win war just we achived all we planed with India Now its time for new project and Croatia happent...

12-10-2018 22:33:34
(6 days ago)

its doesnt matter, where ever my small MU joins it begins to be unbalanced...

12-10-2018 18:45:51
(6 days ago)

I have no doubt there was a planning-mistake but Nobody grew some balls up for a war like this so long in the server they deserve respect even for that.


12-10-2018 18:39:04
(6 days ago)

Bence sirp haksiz ama sanki sen yenmissin gibi bu shoutlari atman buyuk triggerlik

12-10-2018 17:34:58
(6 days ago)

Baykus sa

12-10-2018 17:33:58
(6 days ago)

Felis Leo
serbs talked too much, attacked first and got wiped. now they're crying: "war wasn't balanced ((((((".

war which is started as 1v1

it's not true but let's accept its true. Why they couldn't win while it was 1 v 1?

12-10-2018 17:12:15
(6 days ago)

Felis Leo i cant dispute about "almost half server" as did not count.

But i can with "it started as 1vs1".

It was never, from beginning 1 vs 1. Serbs attacked with full VM force and opened many fronts at once.

Either way, it was big miscalculation.

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