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Music Challenge: Radicalli (Fun)
Posted 1 month ago by
Doctor Mysterio    

Yo Yo Yo, What's up Ladies & Gentleman?
Today I present to you, songs from the playlist of Radicalli
Let's Make Some Fucking Noise.

RedStarRadi ft. Dilaw - We Do It 4 The Streets

Oh.That f*ckin Music and Chorus, I like it. What can I say about RedStarRadi? He is a good rapper, but he will be understood only by those who know Arabic.

Bu Kolthoum ft. Vinnie Paz - Emsikni
I discovered a new underground rapper for myself. Vinnie Paz .From the tracks of Bu Kolthoum, I listened the "Alpha", a very attractive track

Sean Price - Imperius Rex
First Sean Price's track i listened was "Psychosis" featuring group Dope D.O.D. Rest in Piece Sean

The Alchemist - Lose Your Life
Zombie Music from U.S. old school rappers.Did you recognise Snoop Dogg?

Philosopher x Adamy x Izzy - Reality
And finally.From the Arab rappers above i liked these guys most and it's not because they're from your streets Radicalli

That's all
Hope you liked Radicalli 's playlist.
Radicalli challenged RADOLINI .

Meet you in next article bye bye

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Comments (6)
23-01-2018 13:02:27
(25 days ago)

Hail (wrong citizen name!) and libyan rap

16-01-2018 6:52:03
(1 month ago)

yes MeteHAN01

15-01-2018 11:32:29
(1 month ago)

Omy, nice music taste Radicalli :3

15-01-2018 11:23:51
(1 month ago)

Nice.I vote for a wonderful man and friend.I vote for my Love Radicalli

14-01-2018 20:28:14
(1 month ago)

Voted! Hail to my brother Radicalli

14-01-2018 17:31:39
(1 month ago)

Nice. Keep it Up Bro

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