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SUTRADE PRICES DAY ✮✮✮1550✮✮✮ (Trade)
Posted 9 months ago by

Want to post your offer? Just send me a message containing the type and price. You need to update me when you have sold or changed your prices.

Official channel #SuTrade


FOOD *Q5* 0.14-0.15 Gold

Seller: IdZeI Price: 0.14g
Seller: Morocco Org Price: 0.14g
Seller: Grzeczny Price: 0.145g
Seller: Mate12345 Price: 0.15g
Seller: smaragdos Price: 0.15g

Buyer: smaragdos Price: 0.135g
Buyer: boja Price: 0.135g
Buyer: Tunahan35 Price: 0.137g
Buyer: Nooberella Price: 0.136g
Buyer: Arman14 Price: 0.135g

FOOD *Q3* 0.08-0.09 Gold

Seller: donpieron Price: 0.08g

GIFT *Q5* 0.27-0.3 Gold

Seller: Palestine Org Price: 0.269g
Seller: nobch Price: 0.275g
Seller: Morocco Org Price: 0.275g
Seller: Grzeczny Price: 0.28g
Seller: Patrakelis Price: 0.28g

Buyer: Tartaras Price: 0.27g
Buyer: smaragdos Price: 0.27g
Buyer: Tunahan35 Price: 0.271g
Buyer: Arman14 Price: 0.27g

GIFT *Q3* 0.16-0.18 Gold

Seller: the black shadow Price: 0.175g
Seller: RikuOwnAll Price: 0.18g

WEAPON *Q5* 0.28-0.31Gold

Seller: IdZeI Price: 0.30g
Seller: obbi65 Price: 0.30g
Seller: TheSilentHero Price: 0.305g
Seller: smaragdos Price: 0.31g
Seller: RatleMantle Price: 0.325g

Buyer: Nicolai Price: 0.28g [20k]
Buyer: Tunahan35 Price: 0.296g
Buyer: Nooberella Price: 0.295
Buyer: Andjelika Price: 0.29g
Buyer: Mr GangBang Price: 0.295g

WEAPON *Q1* 0.047-0.05 Gold

Seller: Palestine Org Price: 0.053g
Seller: MauroReis Price: 0.054g
Seller: smaragdos Price: 0.055g

Buyer: Ministry of Defence Spain Price: 0.052g
Buyer: Tartaras Price: 0.05g
Buyer: Tunahan35 Price: 0.05g
Buyer: Mate12345 Price: 0.048g
Buyer: smaragdos Price:0.048g

TICKET *Q5* 0.6-0.8 Gold

Seller: Murmillo Price:0.715g
Seller: Grzeczny Price:0.72g

Buyer: Tartaras Price: 0.6g

TICKET *Q1* 0.1-0.13 Gold

Seller: Lucifer oD4 Price:0.11g
Seller: ThePope Price:0.12g

HOUSE *Q5* 45-60 Gold

Seller: Grzeczny Price:50g

ESTATE *Q5* 90-100 Gold

Seller: Grzeczny Price:90g
Seller: Foxy97 Price:90g

HOSPITAL *Q5* - Gold

Seller: Andjelika Price:50g


Seller: IdZeI Price:44g
Seller: Andjelika Price:45g


Seller: ssjdefinitivo Price:25g

GRAIN *0.012- 0.013 Gold

Seller: miskinonyedi Price:0.0126g
Seller: Mate12345 Price:0.013g
Seller: ThePope Price:0.013g

Buyer: Morocco Org Price:0.011g
Buyer: Arman14 Price:0.0105g

DIAMOND * 0.013 Gold

Seller: Mate12345 Price:0.013g
Seller: ThePope Price: 0.013g
Seller: _SuMQaYiT_ Price: 0.013g

Buyer: Morocco Org Price: 0.011g
Buyer: Patrakelis Price: 0.011g
Buyer: Arman14 Price: 0.0105g

IRON *0.012-0.013 Gold

Seller: TonzZzy Price: 0.0124g
Seller: obbi65 Price: 0.0125g
Seller: miskinonyedi Price: 0.0129g
Seller: jons204 Price: 0.013g
Seller: Adm Abd Price: 0.013g

Buyer: En la Teua Cara Price: 0.012g
Buyer: IdZeI Price: 0.012g
Buyer: Lucifer oD4 Price: 0.0115g
Buyer: Morocco Org Price: 0.011g
Buyer: Kardes Price:0.0115g

OIL * 0.013 Gold

Buyer: Lajt Price: 0.012g
Buyer: Morocco Org Price: 0.011g

STONE * 0.012 Gold

Buyer: Morocco Org Price: 0.011g

WOOD * 0.012 Gold

Buyer: Morocco Org Price: 0.011g


Seller: Vojvoda Petar Bojovic is selling Elite MU 19 slots 8.7kkk
Seller: John Nash is selling Shares -for sell-
Seller: Ronnie is selling Stock Company Life Enterprises, Corp.

Buyer: Rafeter is buying Q5 Companies (Diamonds; Gifts; Iron; Weapons)

Costicos is giving small gold loans
Georgian Soldier is giving loans
Jair_Bolsonaro is giving loans


Seller: Montalegre is selling
Seller: Ethnic Azerbaijan is selling 300g 300g 1425g 1325g 750g
Seller: XERXES56 is selling
Seller: TheSilentKiller is selling
Seller: ahmedadel800 is selling
Seller: Foxy97 is selling
Seller: ansisLtd is selling
Seller: vigita_0 is selling 40g 55g

Lajt change for q5 shoes max miss

Buyer: Im Your Daddy is buying Q6 WU Max/Max [28.5%+]
Buyer: Malkocoglu4108 is buying Q6 Armor or Shoes Avoid/Avoid
Buyer: The Peacekeeper is buying Q6 Offhand Max/Max & Q6 Armor Crit/Miss
Buyer: Arman14 is buying Q6 Armor Max/Miss, Q6 Shoes Crit/Crit & Q6 Offhand Max/Max
Buyer: TheSilentKiller is buying Q6 Shoes Avoid/Avoid, Q6 Helmet and Vision Max/Crit , Q5 LC Miss/Avoid & Shoes Max/Avoid [+7%]


Foxy97 is looking for workers
gust looking for workers ALL ECO
Pioneer looking for workers ALL ECO
Arman14 looking for workers ALL ECO
Mate12345 looking for workers ALL ECO
MauroReis is looking for workers ALL ECO
Malkocoglu4108 looking for workers ALL ECO
Jose Eduardo Santos looking for workers ALL ECO + Bonus
mstfaclk is looking for workers [ES 10+ ] + Bonus

Damage Buyers/sellers(MUs )

K A R M A is selling DMG 4g/kk & 8g/kk
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