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The UK - One Year Hence (Political)
Posted 9 months ago by

One year ago this week I saw the news. The British CP, _The King Of Hell_ had just been banned for administrating multiple accounts and all of the UK Orgs had been banned whilst the situation was investigated. It was a kick in the stomach to those of us that had worked with him and followed him to war against Canada. I immediately went into action mode, and what followed was 6 months of lows, followed by 6 months of highs.


When I began writing this article, I was planning on writing an account of how we got out of this mess, but he truth is its not as simple as that. We can look at the facts, the dates things were paid off and the statistcs, but the reason we are where we are is because of the hard work of individuals. Since the day I formed a new Government 1 year ago, I have not worked alone, far from it. Its because of these people that we are free from this mess.


To cvole2000 , who desite being inexperienced in British politics, took charge of the UK several times in the previous year, and helped to ensure no PTO attempt was successful when many of us were not active enough to run the country.

To Paul Smith who was a good friend until we fell out, but I still appreciate your efforts.

To tupta who has been here on and off for several years.

To lopnogob for finally coming out of retirement.


I want to thank some of the political leaders in Finland, the Netherlands, France and the United States who have helped us in the last few weeks to get to where we are.

Before i get onto my final thanks, I want to point out that everyone in the UK has been working for the org, or generating taxes has helped us. There is no way I could thank everyone, and there are probably people who I have missed, but you are not forgotten.


To _Hi_Guy_ who has been with the UK for the past year, offering damage, experience and advice when we so badly need it.

To MrLogano and Mr_miner , two of our new Government ministers who have done so much for us in the past few months to get the UK where we are.

Finally, the biggest thanks has to go to Queen Daenarys . She has been our President since July 5th 2017 and has put up with some rubbish from all sides in her fight. She has leant you her money, time and energy to get to where we are. We have gone from being wiped by Canada, to in the process of having complete control over the British Isles. This is because of her. Our debts are paid off and we are a military power once again. We all owe her our gratitude.


The UK has been through hell, but we fought Hades himself and are ready for our next battles. You thought you had got rid of us, but we're back, and this time we wont go down without a fight.

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