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Top Richest Orgs [Day 1549] (Statistics)
Posted 9 months ago by
Sovorakan MC    

I've collected an information about how rich our national orgs are. Here is the TOP 15

( the information bellow does not show the real situation of Org, it just shows the amount of companies and debts that Orgs should pay)

OrgFlagQ1 companiesQ3 companies Q4 companiesQ5 companiesDebt
Brazil Org
Turkey Org
Greece Org
Bulgaria Org
Poland Org
Italy Org
Israel Org
Hungary Org
Armenia Economy Org
South Africa Org
Lithuania Org
Indonesia Org
France Org
Iran Org
Namibia Org

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Comments (19)
15-01-2018 17:07:48
(9 months ago)

we were the rich

15-01-2018 16:39:30
(9 months ago)

My bad guys I am going to update this artilce and will add missed orgs soon.

15-01-2018 16:18:19
(9 months ago)

You missed few Org

15-01-2018 16:03:51
(9 months ago)

Top 15
The only org's that armenians didnt get ... yet !

15-01-2018 15:07:01
(9 months ago)

where is Taiwan Org?



15-01-2018 13:32:24
(9 months ago)

Disallow orgs to trade on the market

15-01-2018 6:31:35
(9 months ago)


14-01-2018 23:56:52
(9 months ago)

Ministry of Defence Spain have spanish companies...

14-01-2018 18:13:30
(9 months ago)

we were the rich

14-01-2018 16:36:28
(9 months ago)

hamidouch199 if it up to me ill give new comers\players those benfit from org:

long terms loans calculeted to payments they can pay
for holding company who will be benfaical to market development, sach us:
loaning tham Q5 comp in the prodect which contry needs.

loaning estate\houses and even sets for increasing wars dmg.

in this methood gov workforce to oprate is reduced and contry citizens are maxed.

about gov expanses and buying dmg , they shold try to balnce with subside battle and tax

14-01-2018 12:38:25
(9 months ago)

John Nash You have a point there, org's are gaining profit on private's back ... so only elites get profit from it.

Well i think Org's need to offer a commune system for new players, & well it's e-sim concept.In my opinion leaders should help new comers by org, to create more active players intended to help the country where they are which leads to => more people => more workers => more wars => means more business & a better global market.

Wars & active players are essential for global economy, & i think Org's are here to redistribute wealth among newcomers therefore making this process way faster.

14-01-2018 4:05:54
(9 months ago)

after playing several years\servers i get to conclosion that pepole who cant achive things get into poltic and gain profit from moving the pepole and geting some personal un-dirractly profit, my opinion go up to the stuff of the game and ill concord it.

therfor giving comp to gov is the worst solotion for gov since u can see poltican trying to convince pepole to work for the contry..thts make the person who do profit less and contry serve him less becuse it is just taking his profit and moving it to the contry and than the leaders give only to the old players mostly. (which probably are saying they know better, with out any proff)

best solotion is to make the contry to be benfit to the players ,low prices on market and high volome of trade.
btw stable MM isnt good on contry's with low volome, better make it moving even if the cc value will go down.

14-01-2018 2:19:28
(9 months ago)

John Nash an Org main goal is to support it's current state whether directly or indirectly ... companies working for the state for example somehow are way to generate small profit that would benefit the state now or later. example : at war, new citizens.

after all it's an Org not a personal account gathering Gold
or miss spending them will be completely foolish.

14-01-2018 0:35:49
(9 months ago)

PH Org have many companies :/

13-01-2018 20:27:21
(9 months ago)

If a country is surrounded by enemies, then it's better that the market is centralized a.k.a owned by the country, if it's a country which is surrounded by either neutral entities or allies, then yes, the market can be private and have no taxes for example

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