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Music Challenge: The Dragoon (Event related)
Posted 1 month ago by
Doctor Mysterio    

Yo Yo Yo, What's up Ladies & Gentleman?
Today I present to you songs from the playlist of The Dragoon
Let's Make Some Fucking Noise.

Dillaz - Rodinha

First 2 raps are the mirrors of Portugal streetlife. I liked Dillaz's flows, listened to his other tracks as well and think that "Mo Boy" is the best one from Dillaz.

Dealema - Verdadeiros Amigos

What about Dealema, I think they would be famous in Armenia if Armenians understood what they rap about. That's real underground rap

Snowgoons - The Hatred
I am almost convinced that his best clutches The Dragoon deals under this German Underground

Dynasty - Magnificient
Never liked underground performed by a girl. Next one, sorry

Coolio feat LV - Gangsta's Paradise
Everyone in his life has listened "Gangsta's Paradies", sure

Cartel de Santa - La Pelotona
We can never have too much good underground, so next track is a mexican one. I liked Leve and Si te Vienen a Contar most

Mano Chao - Me Gustas Tu
I was listening and singing this song of Manu Chao when I was a young and even didn't know what that song is about. Love this song

Madonna - Frozen
Another song from my memories by pop queen Madonna

Rammstein - Feuer Frei
And finally 2 songs for those who likes metal. There is no sense to say anything about Rammstein, because everybody knows this legendary group

Ignea - Alga
I heard about the group Ignea lately when met that name on Dragoon's page. I was impressed by orchestric metal and voice of Helle Bogdanova

That's all
Hope you liked The Dragoon 's playlist
The Dragoon challenged Radicalli and Major Alvega

Meet you in next article bye bye

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Comments (7)
09-01-2018 19:50:22
(1 month ago)

Selling : --- --- ---

09-01-2018 6:55:16
(1 month ago)


08-01-2018 16:03:07
(1 month ago)

Sovorakan MC bro you are the best MC for me, don't worry )))
The Dragoon thank you ^_^ .. yes I liked Dillaz, "Mo Boy" is already on my playlist <3. It seems to me that I just did not like this track from the Dynasty. I listened to the "The Fugees". "Ready or not" is one of the best songs. I like this song
Major Alvega I'll write to you in a PM.

08-01-2018 13:03:58
(1 month ago)

Sovorakan MC ok ok. You're the best please don't make a diss song for me. I don't know how to deal with that :ssss

07-01-2018 22:12:53
(1 month ago)


07-01-2018 21:29:31
(1 month ago)

The Dragoon I am the best MC

07-01-2018 20:24:27
(1 month ago)

Good job bro <3

In my opinion, Dillaz is the best MC that come from PT NewSchool of HipHop.
Dealema are the oldest group of Hip-Hop in Portugal and the portuguese flag for PT OldShcool. They also have carreers at solo.
About Dynasty, you should check better her songs. She have tracks produced by DJ Premier
maybe Lauryn Hill (the fugees) flow deserves your approval

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