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Malawi in next 45 days (Political)
Posted 9 months ago by
Petar Kresimir V    

Malawians and friends,

me and my ppl had to make hard decision last night. To sign NAP with Suit Up. Or not.

That are some facts we considered:
- in some past time Malawi hit a lot, lot dmg for our allies. For Lybia, Mozambique, Togo ... specially.
- we hit against members of Suit Up. Mostly. Specially against Greece, Egypt, Italy and Australia.
- that is reason why Suit Up decided to wipe Malawi
- some 8 days ago Zambia and DR Congo started with a lot of RWs. After they won their own RWs they DoWed Malawi....and war begun.
- past 8 days we had 32 battles and process of wiping of Malawi started.
- it was evident that some members of our Alliance didn't hit no one hit for Malawi in those 32 battles.
- some members help Malawi a lot. Specially Togo and Namibia and last few days Uganda, too. Some guys helped a lot, too. Lav from Mauritania, Boba Fett from Cameroon. Nebeski helped, too. But that was not enough to defend Malawi. If I forgot to mention any, please correct me.
- fact is that Malawi gave much, much more dmg to allies before that war than allies gave to Malawi in last war. I didn't count in a concrete hits, but I believe that all objective players would affirm that.
- facts are that most of alliance members are out of possible dangerous from Suit Up. Libya has NAP with them, and other are mostly out of range for Suit Up - they have no borders.
Borders have:
Nambia - I tried to put Namibia in NAP, too, but I was told that Brazil already DoWed Namibia and there is no chance for that, but I hope that war by Suit Up against Namibia would stop, too. With free Namibian cores.
Angola - they are not target of Suit Up
CAR - I don't care about them because they didn't hit any hit for Malawi
Chad - almost same like Chad
Kameroon - they already had some talking about high regions, so, some deal with them would be made

We made next conclusions:
- we signed NAP and preserve cores in next 45 days. Otherwise, Malawi would be wiped.
- we should hit for our allies in all battles except against Suit Up. Specially for Namibia against Brazil
- if Nigrae Sclopetariis decide to kick Malawi, we should declare neutrality and act like merc MUs mostly

And for the end of that article.

Anyone could say anything, but if you see map today and 8 days ago could see just one: only side which lost a lot is Malawi. And you must respect it.

Depend on actions, articles and shouts in next few days/weeks, Malawi would decide what would do when today signed NAP expire.

Good luck to all of you!

Petar Kresimir V , Malawian CP

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