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Mike Ross



NAP [SuitUP - Malawi] (Political)
Posted 9 months ago by
Mike Ross    

The alliances SuitUP (
) and Malawi (
), hereby announce the signing of a Non Agression Pact.

1. Zambia and Malawi will sign cease fire
2. Malawi will keep their cores
3. Zambia and DRC will keep their cores
4. Countries/members of both sides are NOT allowed to DOW any member/country of other side
5. SuitUP alliance are NOT allowed to hit in any battles against Malawi (Limited to 4kk, and 8kk in 100% bonus days from a single country in the alliance not the whole alliance ) SuitUP alliance are not allowed to start RWs against Malawi.
6. Malawi are NOT allowed to hit in any battles against Suit Up alliance (Limited to 4kk, and 8kk in100% bonus days from a single country in the alliance not the whole alliance ) Malawi are not allowed to start RWs against Suit up alliance members.
7. Penality for dmg is 5g per 1kk or repay the dmg in other side if reached the allowed dmg from countries in point 5/6. If any country DoW eachother penality for breaking NAP is 500g
8. Malawi MU's which should be including only in this nap
- https://suna.e-sim.org/militaryUnit.html?id=399
- https://suna.e-sim.org/militaryUnit.html?id=275
9. Agreement is valid from the moment a representative from Zambia, Malawi and SuitUP sign it

10. If any country listed in top article, leave any of alliances, rules of that NAP would valid for that country up to end of that NAP. Same thing if alliance get disband NAP rules are valid for them, too..

11. NAP is valid for 45 days, up to day 1472 (included)

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Comments (35)
14-09-2017 21:05:18
(9 months ago)

paytime is coming.....

14-09-2017 20:06:52
(9 months ago)

Mision 40

14-09-2017 19:47:24
(9 months ago)

https://suna.e-sim.org/article.html?id=64182 this is the nap. When there was war Hungary - Italy..Namibia broke the nap to help Hungary. It was signed by Sc of your alliance. I was not talking about nap Hungary - Italy, but about this nap. so this is the EVIDENCE that Namibia WON'T respect any nap and you will break it without paying gold. You have a debt of 300 g

14-09-2017 19:18:41
(9 months ago)

The_Legend you can't include Namibia in Hungary's NAPS.Even if Namibia is Hungarian colony they can't speak in our names.

14-09-2017 12:58:14
(9 months ago)

why should we put into nap Namibia? The last time that Namibia was in an alliance nap...Namibia broke it. And I don't like that countries that wants to be put in a nap to save his ass...and after it they breaks nap when they can take advantage. No no no. Take this delete, if you don't want delete, hit more. Next time don't interfere against Zambia. Good game

14-09-2017 7:40:09
(9 months ago)

I guess Suit Up wouldn't have agreed on that

14-09-2017 5:21:40
(9 months ago)

Selling Q5 Weapon 0.29Gold
Huge stock

14-09-2017 3:01:32
(9 months ago)

that's a new world record, suit up with 3 NAPs for one day, gj

14-09-2017 0:56:34
(9 months ago)

well my friend its not a waste
i just did what i could do for my malawian friends

if you see me as noob bcoz i did my best for my friends
well then i love to be noob
and i want all my friends to be noob like me

13-09-2017 23:37:34
(9 months ago)

AEB I don't think that they are betrayers, but they also could make it Suit Up-Nigrae NAP

13-09-2017 23:14:29
(9 months ago)

لو اي دوله وقعت معاهده انا مش مهتم ططول ماحويل بيلعب سونا وطول مافي حرب فيها تركيا و ايطاليا حانزل بكل قوتي فيها

13-09-2017 22:20:55
(9 months ago)

Malawi always fought hard for the other members of Nigrae and provided very constant dmg for them, they never started any big war in which they needed Nigraes help...
Malawi has done much for its alliance, I dont think its fair to call them "betrayers" now, because this step was probably the only chance for Malawi to keep its cores

13-09-2017 21:50:46
(9 months ago)

ahmedabounaem if you wanna see an idiot then look in the mirror.

13-09-2017 21:50:05
(9 months ago)

Reading some comments i can say that my last Shout is Very True : )

13-09-2017 21:23:58
(9 months ago)


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