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Nap [The North - Suit up ] (Political)
Posted 9 months ago by

In day 1426 Suit up Alliance / The North alliance decided to sign a NAP
Suit up Members: Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Egypt, Indonesia, South Africa, Italy, Switzerland, RoM, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The North Members : Lithuania , Finland.

1. The North alliance are NOT allowed to hit in any battles against Suit Up alliance in that NAP (Limited to 4kk, and 8kk in100% bonus days from a single country in the alliance not the whole alliance ) The North alliance are not allowed to start RWs against Suit up alliance members.
2. The Suit up alliance are NOT allowed to hit in any battles against The North in that NAP (Limited to 4kk, and 8kk in 100% bonus days from a single country in the alliance not the whole alliance )  Suit up alliance are not allowed to Start RWs against The North alliance .. 
3. Penality for dmg is 5g per 1kk or repay the dmg in other side if reached the allowed dmg from countries in point 2/3 .. 
4. Countries/members of both sides are NOT allowed to DOW any member/country of other side . 
5. That NAP allows dmg / dow / rw's ..etc if there's a deal between 2 countries from any side of that NAP 
6. NAP is valid for 60 days, up to day 1486 (included) 
7.Lithuania Mu's which should be including only in this nap 
* Aras https://suna.e-sim.org/militaryUnit.html?id=17 
* Savanoriai https://suna.e-sim.org/militaryUnit.html?id=85 
* Gintaro Broliai https://suna.e-sim.org/militaryUnit.html?id=77 
* Green https://suna.e-sim.org/militaryUnit.html?id=410 
* LT Special forces https://suna.e-sim.org/militaryUnit.html?id=913 

8. If any country listed in top article, leave any of alliances, rules of that NAP would valid for that country up to end of that NAP. Same thing if some new member join to any of alliance, NAP rules are valid for them, too. .. same if the alliance disbanded

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Comments (24)
15-09-2017 13:53:07
(9 months ago)

D r i m a Done.Sorry for inconveniences.

15-09-2017 13:15:06
(9 months ago)


Mike Ross Hatake Kakashi Utan Ned Stark_


14-09-2017 13:32:36
(9 months ago)

thats the reason that this game is dying.naps here naps there naps everywhere

14-09-2017 8:53:02
(9 months ago)

о ля ля

14-09-2017 5:16:20
(9 months ago)

Selling Q5 Weapon 0.29Gold
Huge stock

13-09-2017 21:22:52
(9 months ago)

chicken up

13-09-2017 17:50:55
(9 months ago)

Napland and scared LT

13-09-2017 17:44:41
(9 months ago)

You mistyped "FYROM"

13-09-2017 15:00:23
(9 months ago)

Gay´s everywhere..

13-09-2017 14:48:06
(9 months ago)


13-09-2017 11:31:22
(9 months ago)

this game make me laugh, but it's not funny

13-09-2017 7:28:11
(9 months ago)

they the thugs are lining up to ban my comments, they hate that im going to make syrup again and quite frankly i look forward to the coming nuclear conflict

13-09-2017 6:05:09
(9 months ago)

chicken lvl:
sign a nap to prevent possible war.

oh boi that game is for lefties or hippie treehugers not for real man i guess...

13-09-2017 3:18:44
(9 months ago)

So stupid!!!

13-09-2017 3:10:38
(9 months ago)

Smart move from LT.

Roman Dmowski maybe another september

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