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Multies Or game-sponsored bots ? (Political)
Posted 9 months ago by

As you can see there been already written articles about this issue... it started days ago (Day 1424 to be precise).

Yet nothing has been made from staff neither a clear explanation about it.

I didn't even look to bother myself to throw a ticket... i know it's useless won't work...

Those "Bots/Multies" perhaps made some damage, well at least for me(i lost almost 200 Gold
in short not sure) , i'm not here to complain i'm just trying to understand the current situation since the game is almost dead, & actually it's developers to blame... i mean who the heck would not put a sort of captcha request in register form o.O ? like really c'mon... i mean you're having a sort of popular game & perhaps your first measures to take good care of it's security like (discovering & fixing script vulnerabilities, some server security measures, basic anti-bot stuff like A GOD DAMN CAPTCHA MAYBE ??)

If you are interested this is what happened to me : i usually post Gold
for TND
& well since these Bots bought Gold using they're 20 TND
as a start for the game (it's like me buying printed money but more worse lol, if it is the case it's bad for the
Local economy)
LINKS : 1 - 2

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At Last i hope that it didn't damage more people in monetary neither in auctions, it may have been a good thing for economy in suna but if there is any illegal assets i'm sure they won't stay for long ..

& Please if you liked it hit that button :v if not for me do it for e-sim :'( it has to go top articles we can't keep silent about this anymore.

Bye !

Devs just made recaptcha, well that was better then nothing.

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