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Nap between ( Turkey , Egypt , Israel ) (Political)
Posted 13 days ago by

in The Name of God the Most Merciful The Most Gracious

all sides (Egypt , Turkey and Israel ) have agreed on the following terms:-

1- All sides have agreed not to open any Resistance wars against each other during the NAP period ( and if any citizen starts one his country has to hit on the other country's side or the NAP will be considered broken )

2- Israel won't fight in any battles Against Egypt , Turkey 's (maximum dmg 4kk or 8kk in bonus days).

3- Egypt , Turkey won't fight in any battles Against israel's (maximum dmg 4kk or 8kk in bonus days )

4- All Israeli, Egyptian, Turkish known citizens are considered part of this NAP even if they're under other countries' Citizenship

5- this NAP is vailed from the date of this Article ( day 1426) and for 90 days ending on day 1516.

6- if any country of any side has broken this NAP they have to pay a Fine of 2000 Gold

7- Egypt will take Beersheba as a bridge for jordan then recover beersheba to israel again after win first region in jordan

penalty for broken nap 1000g

this nap is valid when all side sign it via official Org's

- NAP Terms
- Signs ( due tr org ban case its enough felis sign )

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Comments (21)
17-09-2017 16:26:12
(8 days ago)

6- if any country of any side has broken this NAP they have to pay a Fine of 2000 Gold

penalty for broken nap 1000g


16-09-2017 13:22:55
(10 days ago)

ok i am israeli and i must acceppt this nap

14-09-2017 5:17:39
(12 days ago)

Selling Q5 Weapon 0.29Gold
Huge stock

13-09-2017 19:33:00
(12 days ago)

Nebeski Bacje in war with Libya, Egypt was neutral cuz they have lot of friends there

Check the facts

13-09-2017 18:17:30
(12 days ago)

Palestine......betrayed you.

13-09-2017 14:30:59
(13 days ago)

Nebeski Bacje Petar Kresimir V malawi-suitup nap


13-09-2017 12:21:57
(13 days ago)

Mgk end the end victory will be mine!!! and you will cry like a war against Libya!!!

13-09-2017 12:07:57
(13 days ago)

So it is still not valid, huh? I do only see 2 Orgs of the members included ^^

13-09-2017 4:28:48
(13 days ago)

Mgk` +1

13-09-2017 4:01:54
(13 days ago)

Nebeski Bacje shshshshshshhhhh

lets see in the end who look like pu***y mr nebeski ? mr god of war ?

oh forget thatt u r biggest noob in africa ally and the reason of this war :|

show me your angr kid

@petar ~ u saw the courage when u saw Mgk in DRC alone vs you and u Cry for accept your offer to stop hit and u give me DRC Cores for free
maybe you can learn courage from us when i make article about attack malawi then u cry and send offeres to leave your ally / give up some regions for stop war before start
or learn courage when i sell you supplies with discount so u dont cry after war start

you look like ........ :3
its even nas*y to give time for answer you

13-09-2017 3:56:21
(13 days ago)


13-09-2017 3:20:37
(13 days ago)

Why you are so pus*y???

12-09-2017 22:26:49
(13 days ago)


why do u afried from isreal do u know why ?????????

malawi + isreal + nigere = no egypt in the map

12-09-2017 21:12:52
(13 days ago)

Vote to protest against the shameful NAP

12-09-2017 19:08:10
(13 days ago)

by son of Felis Leo

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