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Virtual Armenia and Game of Thrones (Fun)
Posted 19 days ago by
Edo 777    

Do not worry
Game Of Thrones serial just like the VAR`sVirtual Armenian Republice) life....What started the presidental elections, I resemble mans in Game of Thrones serial heroes.... Let`s go

Now George Martin is a Joffrey Lannsiter (in virtual life)

The film director Edo 777 David Benioff
Translated from Armenian to English Edo 777 (The author of the idea) and Joffrey Lannsiter

Vahan - M O V S E S It's like Joffre Baradeon (Remember me, I'm the writer) explayn, why... He is a in VAR online player and like that Joffrey, Vahan created for VAR comfortable emperor too.... but rebellions are very much and nobody, only his friends, is not satisfied from the government of Vahan, Joffrey is too And you are really Joffrey Baradeon

Ashot - Mecn Tigran like a Tom Baradeon - Joffey`s brother. I say why... because he always worked with Vahan - Joffrey Baradeon. Tom was enthroned afther Joffrey`s death, but let's not mix death here. Ashot enthroned with Vahan and with Vahan`s advises... and as always, so many citizens, who are against his government...

And our first emperor - Ero Kamandir ... He is a Ned Stark, because, like Ned Stark, he wanted the country's powerful devices, who used the people needed it, had good relations with neighbors and etc... created the first Armenian Emperor... but he leave this game, because (ara voncem es dzezanic zzvwum - hey, How am I to hate you? ) Yeh... Ned Stark beheaded, but did not behead him, just considered the game useless... I don`t now when he come back, but please... back...

Arsen _Arsen_ Arsen is from the Baradeons... he is a Stanis Baradeon... Arsen, like Stanis, wanted to create a new country out of Armenia,.... Many times he left the country and came back to him many times... In Stanis is a too spirit... Stanis had a liberation spirit and wanted to strengthen his country.

Zoro V for Vandetta like a Euren Greyjoy, Has such courage... Euren has a strong power, great diplomatic achievements and let me say more Can he maintain order in his family...in a word Euren is like Zoro...

Nik - The_Assassin is a Renly Baradeon.... and you look, that he returnes from Cambodia and began a serious politics make Nik, bro your place in Testura but you so clever and kind man you are so good

Mushegh Mushegh Mamikonyan you are a LitterFinger you are know politics... when I look parlament elections, I always see how Mushegh puts the candidacy but does not go but LittleFinger anywhere put her politics and when he want, he destroyed any politics (but you don`t make it )

In Armenian suna not Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark and etc...

Hayk MEC HAYQ99 is a Tirion Lannister becouse he left Joffrey`s army` Vahan`s, and began play new politic game in the new kingdome You like flexbility like Thirion and so good you are playing politic

Armenian versian Click

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08-09-2017 7:57:25
(18 days ago)

Q6 WU for sale, max/max 14,08% /13,97%

08-09-2017 3:05:02
(18 days ago)

The Dragoon aahahah

08-09-2017 2:58:53
(18 days ago)

no mom, no vote

07-09-2017 16:23:23
(18 days ago)

Felis Leo JR There is no Armenian girl in this game

07-09-2017 16:15:15
(18 days ago)

Who is khaleesi

07-09-2017 15:32:05
(18 days ago)

Joffrey Lannsiter

07-09-2017 14:32:56
(19 days ago)

WTF,.,. 31 vote but 29 subscribe -_-

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ara eli es ed gomiknem

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