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RL story: Lisboa, Portugal - what a wonderful experience (Political)
Posted 1 year ago by
Petar Kresimir V    

Hello to all of you,

I must share that wonderful experience with you, even I know that it is not usual.

Last 11 days I (and my family) spent in Portugal. Mostly in Lisboa, but we visited Fatima, Sintra, Mafra and Cascais, too.
It is hard to say which detail was the best: Palace Pena in Sintra, Palace in Mafra, Boca Inferno in Cascais, Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Oceanarium or Belem Tower. Or, maybe, Elevator Santa Justa? I don't know. But, fact is that my best experience was ..... people. Convivial, friendly, cheerful ...... very good people, for sure. And food was delicious. Delightful.

It is very short article, but our emotions are huge, positive and wonderful.

Conslusion: Portugal....my family and I would come again. Next time in Porto. A lot of my friends, and my new Portuguese friends among them, recommended that city to me for next vacation.

Portugal, and Portuguese people: Muito obrigado.

I am just sad because I didn't know how to put pictures in article. So, now I could continue with e-sim with new enthusiasm.

Yours Petar

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Comments (16)
14-08-2017 23:03:25
(1 year ago)

HunterZ_PT It was not hard to enjoy in Portugal. It is great and wonderful country.
Ofek_931998 I hope that i should have chance to visit Israel soon

14-08-2017 22:43:40
(1 year ago)

Petar Kresimir V thanks for the lovely article mate! :3
Really glad you enjoyed it so much.
Also, Porto is a wonderful city with a lot of beautiful sights, you'll love it.
If you visit it, I'd recommend you to also check cities like Braga, Guimarães, Coimbra or Aveiro.
It's around 40 mins to 1h 15 mins from Porto. :b

Best regards. o/

14-08-2017 21:25:37
(1 year ago)

Portugal and it’s people are are awesome indeed
Wonderful country!

14-08-2017 21:07:49
(1 year ago)

Petar Kresimir V and what about Israel

13-08-2017 23:48:01
(1 year ago)

The Ghost Tanker ..deal

13-08-2017 19:59:14
(1 year ago)

Petar Kresimir V estefania, you were near one of my schools (liceu camões)

you were on the center of lisbon, maybe next time you come, il be in lisbon, and can show you a lot of diferent places that you will love ofc also wonderfull to bring kids, and the safety (one of the best)

13-08-2017 18:51:36
(1 year ago)


13-08-2017 17:56:16
(1 year ago)

@Petar that is most def a must see. the vision you have when you are upthere is just astonishing.

13-08-2017 17:51:24
(1 year ago)

XaNkro We were in apartment in Estefania (Rua de Conde do Redondo). In Monday we went in Cascais, but it was so windy. For sand beach...and we walk to Boca de Inferno.
Bojack ..like I said....I must go in Portugal again. And try freshest fish there . We hadn't enough time to go go on left side of Tejo River, and to see Jesus Christ Monument.

13-08-2017 16:26:04
(1 year ago)

Good to know you enjoyed our country as much as we do

Anyway your hotel was in Cascais?

13-08-2017 14:33:23
(1 year ago)

I'm glad you liked Portugal. Have you tried to go to Almada or Cacilhas? The freshest fish in the Lisbon area. Did you see many strip clubs where you were? xD

Anyway, if you want to put and image, you need to put on lightshot or something and then [ img ]imageurl [/ img ] without the spaces.


13-08-2017 2:52:55
(1 year ago)

Radicalli , I hope it, too.
ziane abdessamed

13-08-2017 0:53:19
(1 year ago)

your visit to Portugal is very emotional , I hope one day we meet each other , and i will one day visit Portugal cause its an beautiful country , its a Mediterranean State like my country Libya , I hope for you the best .

13-08-2017 0:35:30
(1 year ago)


13-08-2017 0:28:51
(1 year ago)

The Wildfire , not at all.
Pleasure was mine

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