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I'm not 100% good atm.. (Event related)
Posted 10 months ago by

Hello guys. 20th of March I have been in a emergency room because I'm sick. And when I say "sick" I really mean sick..
I won't be active as much I have been for the last mouths.

If AEB dosen't want me as MoD, I'll understand why. I come back to Suna when I'm feeling better but of course I join the IRC when I'm feeling more okey.

I don't do this article because of attention, I do this article because you guys deserve to know how I really feel.
Have a nice day! (I haven't got a nice day cause I waited 4hours for my x-ray results..)

Lifeupdate: They thought I had a lung collapse, but that appears not to be. They do not currently know why I had trouble with breathing. I still have some probs with breathing.

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Comments (4)
21-03-2017 22:39:23
(10 months ago)

damn bro and we sat on IRC and thought it was only a normal cold sickness, hope you get better soon!

21-03-2017 13:46:59
(10 months ago)

Oh :/
I hope you get healthy soon

21-03-2017 8:00:59
(10 months ago)

Good luck bro. And i hope you feel/be better in the future AEB is a noob and needs you

21-03-2017 6:51:13
(10 months ago)

Hope you get better soon, good luck

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