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TRADING UP: A New Way To Get Money (Trade)
Posted 1 year ago by
The Gitrog Monster    

You might want to know what this "Trading Up" system is which you've obviously heard about...

The basics are simple:

Every day there will be an offer.

then it's your turn to pm me with various proposals of things you want to give for that 5g.

(This could be anything: currencies, equipment, supplies, companies...)

The following day at 20:00 (Server Time), we'll choose the best proposal and make the deal.

Next time, the new offer will be the outcome of last time's trade.

for example:
Someone wants to give a Q6 vision in return for the 5g (which is that day's offer)
The next offer will be that Q6 vision then.
Someone might propose 20 BEF for the vision and if it is accepted, the offer for the next day will be 20 BEF

Today's offer: 5g

(I know it's not much but be sure it will go up)

And of course, don't forget to VOTE & SUBSCRIBE

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Comments (10)
23-03-2017 21:28:59
(1 year ago)

So evil :/ Cianora

23-03-2017 20:13:40
(1 year ago)

I give Teune for 5 gold.

You know wat? keep the 5 gold!

21-03-2017 20:29:42
(1 year ago)

JuicyFruit 1989
I think so, it's just about good deals.
Ofcourse if someone is offering something way too high, i'll tell them
don't want to get banned

21-03-2017 17:34:00
(1 year ago)

is this even legal?

Rule 6 much?

21-03-2017 16:50:09
(1 year ago)

4.99 gold

21-03-2017 14:00:36
(1 year ago)


21-03-2017 11:57:27
(1 year ago)

Julius Caesar 's mom

21-03-2017 11:54:57
(1 year ago)

14.41 HRK

21-03-2017 7:48:12
(1 year ago)

0.95 TWD

21-03-2017 7:19:32
(1 year ago)


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