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My Stock Company Needs a New Home (Event related)
Posted 1 year ago by


Is your country in need of products on your local market?

Do you want to get your economy going?

If the answer is yes, then please comment and say why you'd like me to sell in your market.

Turkey are exempt because they rejected a law. Any other country is welcome to state their plea.

Comment before 23:59 on Day 1251.

Good luck.

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Comments (27)
22-03-2017 13:56:31
(1 year ago)

Serbia ?

22-03-2017 13:20:58
(1 year ago)


22-03-2017 12:04:22
(1 year ago)

try it in you'r contry

22-03-2017 0:42:09
(1 year ago)


21-03-2017 23:46:00
(1 year ago)

India, we have a growing product market and are re-building the job market. Also, we have a set MM value which all our prices are based on.

21-03-2017 23:18:36
(1 year ago)

India, because you are an insecure and proud woman

21-03-2017 22:11:07
(1 year ago)

Our import rate for various products is zero because the competition for the sale of raw materials and some manufactured products is low.
Practically Cerberusxt keeps our market warm, but as a good liberal capitalist hahaha, the same agrees that we need more competition, as a micro businessman I can say that I can normally employ and sell the products in my market with certain facility.

Our army is also well structured and we have good allies to keep our 3 main high iron (core), grain and diamonds.

My government is already in agreement and if you want to send a law to approve, this law will probably go through congress. If the prices of the products are acceptable due to national competition we can increase the import rate. We only ask that you try to pay the salaries in Brl.

21-03-2017 21:52:45
(1 year ago)

let me see with my government

21-03-2017 17:54:49
(1 year ago)

Q4 Vision crit/crit

21-03-2017 13:39:36
(1 year ago)

Try ph

21-03-2017 11:16:11
(1 year ago)

You can greatly benefit from having your SC in Bulgaria. There is a reason, the other 2 big SC are both in Bulgaria.

21-03-2017 10:25:42
(1 year ago)

hhh why u alwayse spk aboute algeria hhhhh u like it or what
try to forget what happen bro its just game
and go to hell on the some time

21-03-2017 7:27:57
(1 year ago)

Ye go for Lithuania, I want cheaper stuff

21-03-2017 6:53:37
(1 year ago)

Armenian market in Suna one of most activity market.
If you put any product for normal price you dont need to wait long.
And your AMDs will buy our org every day only need to put them to Monetary market.

21-03-2017 5:17:37
(1 year ago)

Armenia o/

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