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Calling Someone "NOOB" (Fun)
Posted 1 year ago by

Hello guys!

Today, since I had nothing to write about, I decided to start calling PPL noobs and hope for great reactions.

I will start with Yin Yang :

It seems like VlVEK is ANGRY today!

Once I explained him I am doing it for an article, the happiness seems to comeback to his face:

Second one is Canuck :

Canuck seems to be too confident, I guess his mom didn't tell him the truth when he was young

Next person is our lovely tuctuc :

Well, this reaction is hard, but at least she faces the reality

Last but not least, Hatake Kakashi :

Well, since you are a trial member (not Djibouti, only Tyler) in the alliance - you cannot vote. THANKS GOD!

Ritmas :

You said this :V


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Comments (14)
24-03-2017 20:01:27
(1 year ago)

Good article!

22-03-2017 16:49:03
(1 year ago)

Yin Yang and Canuck are tied in 1st place for the biggest noob award

21-03-2017 15:18:29
(1 year ago)

If u are not Ertu

U are NOOB

21-03-2017 12:56:44
(1 year ago)

You are noob
my noob
everyone is all NOOB

20-03-2017 15:01:59
(1 year ago)

Truth always comes out CanuckMike you're big noob!

20-03-2017 12:13:41
(1 year ago)

20-03-2017 9:18:41
(1 year ago)


20-03-2017 7:23:50
(1 year ago)

ConraF soooo...open a fanclub for me with CrazyBug

20-03-2017 0:04:05
(1 year ago)

I am a firm believer that you are also a noob Hatake Kakashi

19-03-2017 23:59:48
(1 year ago)

ConraF is noob u.u

19-03-2017 23:09:28
(1 year ago)

poor tuctuc

19-03-2017 22:57:45
(1 year ago)

You are noob

19-03-2017 21:59:16
(1 year ago)

lol, you are a noob

19-03-2017 21:43:49
(1 year ago)

yah vivek he's a noob only been around since the bank of e-sim...lol

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