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Pay back (Fun)
Posted 11 days ago by

if you liked the idea and wish to be a part of it vote i'm in
66.0 % I'm in
34.0 % I don't like the idea
Total votes: 50

Hello every one

three months ago i created a new citizen after my first one been banned for using multiple accounts
so I decided not to do that again so i searched for a way to keep me busy when my limits are over or i'm out of gold
so i created a newspaper with one goal on my mind get the 100 subscribers medal but instead i got 100 great friends who helped me get that medal
a while after that 100 became 600 wonderful friends
so i had to find a way to payback theme for these great act and i came up with an idea
i'm steal not sure that i'm allowed to apply it or not but i had to give it a shot
i have 875 friend and more then 600 subscribers to repay some of theme have a lot more then me some have less
I decided to dedicate these newspaper to get them more subscribes
First of all i will test these idea by lunching a pool which will help me to decide if its going to work or not

so we need as many citizens as we can to get you more subscribes here is what you have to do :
1- vote the pool if you are in
depending on the results we can see how many subscribes we can reach
2- just leave me a comment at my next article
and i will publish your newspaper link in my newspaper

after the newspaper's link is published all of those who are in must subscribe that newspaper
the goal is to get the next medal
' if that newspaper had 56 subs i will publish the next one after it gets 100 subs'
' if that newspaper had 598 subs i will publish the next one after it gets 600 subs'

but nothing is for sure before seeing the pool results so all of those who liked the idea and wish to lunch it vote i'm in

Comments (7)
22-03-2017 18:46:43
(6 days ago)

I'm in

22-03-2017 12:40:23
(6 days ago)

i'm proud of you bro

21-03-2017 20:10:22
(7 days ago)

six comment

21-03-2017 2:50:32
(8 days ago)

fifth comment

19-03-2017 12:43:11
(9 days ago)

Third comment

18-03-2017 13:12:02
(10 days ago)

second comment

18-03-2017 8:10:08
(10 days ago)

first comment

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